Siri Helle

Siri Helle (b. 1991) is a Swedish psychologist and writer. Passionate about popularizing psychological science to a general audience through lectures, articles and podcasts. Works as a clinical psychologist with CBT treatment of mental illness.

  • Awarded Swedish Psychology Student of the Year in 2017

  • MsC in Psychology from Stockholm University in 2018

  • Award-winning author of three books

  • Expert in Swedish media on the topics of mental health, psychology and digital well-being

Natur & Kultur, January 2019. Non-fiction.

Natur & Kultur, January 2019. Non-fiction.

Smarter Than Your Phone

Do you update Instagram or check emails every 5 minutes? Do you always bring your phone to the bathroom? Are you addicted to your smartphone? In Smarter Than Your Phone, psychologist Siri Helle clears up the misconceptions about how we are affected by our phones. The book is a simple guide on how to regain control of your usage and focus on what’s important.

Amidst all the outcries and pointers of this debate, it is relaxing to read a guide that is both so nuanced and well founded. I got practical help right from chapter one. This book should be included amongst obligatory education for both adolescents and adults!
— Anna Bennich Karlstedt, psychologist and author
LB förlag, February 2018. Fiction.

LB förlag, February 2018. Fiction.

Burn All Bridges

On the surface, Liv Björk has a perfect life. A well-paid finance job, kale smoothies for breakfast and cocktails at trendy bars. So why is she so unhappy? As a teenager, Liv wrote a letter to herself to read if she ever considered committing suicide. In the letter she asks her future self to give life one last chance, do the things she always dreamt of but never did. Liv decides to give it three months.

Burn All Bridges by Siri Helle is written with both humour and reflection and captures our bustling way of life spot on.
— Amelia Magazine
Vulkan, December 2018. Non-fiction.

Vulkan, December 2018. Non-fiction.

How to cure an egoist (co-author)

Do you want to cure the egoists around you, create a positive working environment or save our planet from short-term thinking? It all begins with cooperation. How to Cure an Egoist is a concrete handbook with 101 research-based training tips for creating sustainable teams, workplaces and perhaps even societies. Learn how to achieve this through examples that include Super Marie, Lord of the Rings and Fortune 500 companies.

Project Management Book of the Year 2018
— award

How to cure selfishness
TEDxKTH 2017

Are we really stronger alone? In a time when climate change, political tension, and public health challenges are threatening our survival, cooperation is more vital than ever. But in a world of individualists, how do we go about creating it?